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the only lotion my daughter can stand

My autistic 3-year-old has eczema and refuses any other lotion I've tried, even the commercially prepared, eczema-specific ones. This both smells fabulous and is a texture she can handle. Thank you for making an awesome product!

Smells nice. Not what I am seeking for my texture of hair.

I am allergic to a few ingredients in most shampoo, particularly cocamidopropyl betaine. My favorite brand of shampoo has been out of stock for a while (Exederm) and trying to use regular shampoo has been a disaster for my allergy.
I thought I would give this a try because it didn't use that chemical and was specific for eczema.
Wish it worked better for my hair texture-- thick, course, wavy redhead-- but even with extra conditioner, it left my hair difficult to manage.

So not unhappy, but not right for me. But I think for others this may be just what they are looking for.

Wish my Exederm was not out of stock for so long.

Eczema shampoo

Love this shampoo! I have sensitive dry scalp and dry skin and have severe eczema that flares when I use anything scented or artificial. This shampoo can be used in place of conditioner and a body wash because it’s so gentle and moisturizing. I added extra tea tree oil to mine to make it more soothing and cooling.

Really helping my stress muscle in my chest relax

This is really helping my stress muscle in my chest relax. The smell is wonderful. Thank you!

Life changing stuff

I started using this product 2 years ago whenI was struggling with Candida of my scalp. Ever since I started using it I have had relief from the severe itching. I use it daily.

Great product- poor shipping and packaging

Great product- poor shipping and packaging. Every time I order your product it comes in damaged packaging in a cheap envelope that is usually torn and bottle taped up or falling out. Please correct this. The shampoo is terrific and smells wonderful and best of all it works.

Hi Clarence. We appreciate you sharing your experience and your frustration regarding the delivery of your products. We are working on correcting this from our end to prevent damage during shipping from the carrier. Padded, self-adhesive kraft mailers are used to ship single items. Taping kraft mailers are not a part of our shipping process. We are concerned to hear that this occurs often and may need to be reported to your local USPS. Thank you for being a loyal customer.


good product


This is my second time purchasing this butter. Phenomenal!

My skin feels amazing

Smells wonderful and it’s not greasy! My skin feels amazing after just 2 uses, can’t wait to see how it is after 6 weeks!

The best

I love how soft and smooth my skin has become since I’ve been using these products it smells so good just what you need after a fresh shave ❤️

Herbal Tea Gift Set | Give the Gift of Wellness
Pam C.
My son loved it

My son loved it. Spoon is so cute and tea is really unique!!

This butter is phenomenal

First let me start by talking about the shipping. This was absolutely the fastest shipping I have ever experienced. Product was packaged perfectly. Now the product itself. This butter is phenomenal. It almost immediately cools my skin and relieves the itching. This butter will always be on my shelf.

Absolutely amazing

I absolutely love this product since using it my skin is softer and my stretch marks are less visible. It smells good it’s organic.

I'm so in love with this lemongrass fragrance!

Love the product. It's a bath time must have. The fragrance, consistency and relief... is a plus. It goes on while he's a little damp from bath time. Yes! Its a refreshing smell for my son.

Very happy

Very happy with my order.

only scalp treatment that works

This is the only scalp treatment that works for my husband. The seller is so helpful and assisted me with getting my order when I mistakenly left off my apartment.


I love this company products have ordered shea butter's twice, had a question concerning the previous order, promptly respond to the question, very happy with products.

Good quality

Good quality, product matched description and met expectation.

Eczema Butter

This eczema butter makes my hand feel so smooth and soft and it last awhile on my hands

feet look and feel great

I just wanted to tell you how incredibly happy I am with this foot oil. My winter feet look and feel great�especially Post run! Kudos!

much more greasy

The product was much more greasy than expected.

My boyfriend loves this set!

My boyfriend loves this set! he says they smell very natural and not too overwhelming, and work like a charm. thank you for the great product!

I love it !

Very nice scent! I love it !

Very good for Eczema!

Smells very nice! Very good for Eczema!

moisturizing and soothing

Really moisturizing and soothing to my dry winter skin!