what fuels our passion

Our Mission

The Divine has bestowed upon us all that is necessary. The journey of healing requires prayer, trust, and patience. When we prioritize the healing of our inner selves—the heart—everything else aligns harmoniously. Our mission is to help hearts heal and relieve stress and anxiety of everyday life by supporting the body's natural healing process to encourage synergy, harmony, and balance.

  • Our Vision

    To empower people to connect to our Creator through natural healing, to help those in need; and to build our community.

  • Our Core Value

    Fi Sabilillah (For the sake of Allah). Allah loves those who help others and makes for them a way of ease.

Eczema Care Collection

How it all started...

My journey began with scalp eczema. Desperate for relief, I searched the market for products, but nothing worked. So, I took matters into my own hands and crafted the Eczema Scalp Treatment—a steroid-free, all-natural therapy. Satisfied with my creation, I realized I needed an accompanying shampoo. Thus, the Eczema Shampoo was born.

As I discovered my ability to create healing products, I expanded into skincare and herbal teas. Each item I crafted reflects the natural remedies I prepared for myself, my family, and now, my customers. Encouraged by loved ones, I decided to share my therapies with the world through ALittlePeace.

Why? Because healing is a journey, and sometimes, all we need is a little peace along the way. 

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  • Life is about growth and expansion. If we are not living we are dying.

    Founder, Niki Love

Meet the Founder

Niki Love

I stand in awe of Allah’s magnificent creation and the remarkable healing abilities inherent in the human body. My studies delve into cupping and massage therapy, fueled by my fascination with ancient healing practices. I am a student of natural medicine, naturopathy, and my very own authentic heart.

Recognizing that healing is deeply personal, I am drawn to educating others on how to heal properly. My passion for self-care routines foreign to modern 21st-century medicines and my belief that the Creator provides everything we need is the foundation on which ALittlePeace was founded.

By learning from my experiences and healing journey, I help others heal through the works in my intense faith, the nature used to forge my products, and my gift to be a healer, my authentic self.

May you find complete healing on your path!