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Benefits of Geranium Essential Oil

Our Geranium Hemp body butter for Anxiety and Stress is packed with the benefits of geranium essential oil. Its caressing aroma arouses your being and draws your thoughts toward peace. This enticing flower is indigenous to South Africa.

Geranium promotes a clear, smooth, and radiant complexion while balancing the hormones. The benefits of this flower are top-of-the-line. Its astringent property helps tighten the skin and its regenerative properties accelerate healing. When you massage your body with this butter the geranium in it helps to firm the muscles and increase collagen production. Its calming properties relax your mind and ease your emotions.


We value geranium so much and its benefits are so great that we wanted you to experience its subtle embrace. This butter is excellent for calming anxiety and releasing the body of stress, aches, and distractions. It helps to quiet the mind and soothe the body to restore balance and bring harmony to the soul.

May you find complete healing on your path!

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