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A Matter of the Heart

golden hearts

Healing is a matter of the heart. It is a conscious deliberate act. When something in you just doesn't feel right and it quietly calls to you and you listen. In that moment without fear, without doubt, you affirm "I don't want this".

Pain and trauma pushes you to a crossroad where you decide then and there you want to heal. You no longer want dis-ease. Cleansing and purification from all impurities becomes your focus.

Pain is a sign of sickness that reveals itself in many forms. Through trauma, depression, anxiety, stress, doubt, fear, etc.

Think well of yourself as you journey through the process of healing. Be patient and kind to yourself. Forgive yourself and never hesitate to be unapologetically authentic.

We are a creation of the Most Merciful. Every single being is special and unique. You have a purpose and your presence is valuable. You matter.

Rebuild or increase your connection with the One who meticulously fashioned you in perfection out of His Love. In that act of worship is the cure for healing the heart. For the heart belongs to the Creator, and only He can satisfy it. Never give up hope in the Mercy of your Lord. Hold on tight to His promises and strengthen your trust in Him for He has power over all things.

We wish you a complete healing!

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