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Connecting Naturally—What is Natural Healing?

Growing up, my childhood was filled with all kinds of herbs and natural remedies. As a young adult, my mom imported shea butter from West Africa in calabashes and introduced our family to essential oils. At the time, I thought natural healing was all about food and products. But it’s not. As I matured, life’s challenges and traumas pushed me to find a better way. Like many of us, I believed that natural healing was the answer to my woes and would help me get back on track to heal and overcome all that ailed me. The more I wanted to heal, the closer it brought me to my Rabb (Sustainer & Cherisher).

I started to become emotionally aware that living a natural lifestyle was deeper than I had realized. The closer I get to my Creator, the more I am drawn to nature—for He is the One that connects us. Nature is God’s gift to His creation. Many of us trust nature because we know no man created it, so it has no flaws. We depend on nature’s perfection and nourishment for survival. On my healing journey I learned that natural healing is using the nature that Allah provides for our sustenance, seeking His healing through prayer, and trusting in Him to take care of what He created. 

Everything we need for healing and well-being was already provided for us by our Sustainer & Cherisher without any effort of our own. So, natural healing is not an alternative form of medicine, it is the original and only form of medicine. Due to our loving Creator, natural healing wasn't designed with acceptable side efforts that damage the body and cloud the mind. In fact, nature is not just magnificently designed to heal the body but to also nurture the mind and soul.

Some of the humblest herbs and spices were elegantly crafted by the Maintainer to possess compounds that naturally combat many of our most common illnesses like inflammation and digestion issues. Both of which afflicts over 70 million Americans and is expected to rise within the coming years. The Most Merciful created food as our medicine to keep us well and to support our well-being here on earth as we prepare for the future. Our means and provisions are directly connected to nature.

Nature is a miracle that never stops giving. Nature gives me energy, motivation, happiness and tranquility—its inspirational. Nature keeps us supplied with clean water, fresh air and an abundance of food. For children and adults, connecting with nature and exploring its colors, sounds, and textures is linked to better health and less stress.

When we seek natural healing, we are seeking God's healing. He is the only Healer. Using natural healing is calling on the Creator and trusting in Him to heal us completely. While natural is the means it's not the cure. Faith in God to do as He pleases is the cure. So, next time you think about living naturally think about what that really means and what it means to you.

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May you find complete healing on your path!

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