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A New Dawning

When I close my eyes and think about everything I have been through, I am relieved at the amount of healing I have experienced. I would not be where I am today without healing. I have been awakened from my dark place and light has shined on me in a way only the mercy of Allah (God) can.

When He removed the veil from me the clarity was so clear that I knew I didn't fully understand just how deep I was in. I was consumed by my family, my job, and anything else that didn't have anything to do with me and my well-being. 

I went back and forth between choosing Allah or choosing my husband and I decided after great difficulty and back and forth that I wanted Allah more. That is the day my healing began, and Ya Fattahu (Allah, The Opener) guided me, cleansed me, and blessed me in ways that only He can articulate, the grandness and vastness of what He bestowed upon me.

When you decide to heal, you will heal. A longing heart will never be eased without the solacing of its Creator. Our hearts are His creation and will only submit to Him. Healing starts with calling on the Creator for his Mercy, Guidance and Purification so that we may be healed completely so that no illness or disease remains.

May you find complete healing on your path!

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