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Becoming Authentic

As I began to heal, I naturally gravitated to taking a deep look at my behavior and questioned some of my actions. I noticed a lot of my behavior was triggered by wanting to please others and to not be perceived negatively. I had a real dislike for people being upset with me which heavily weighed on my self-esteem and caused stress. Over time I realized that I was not being myself holistically. I chose to shade parts of who I was to be accepted on the terms I thought were acceptable. But those terms have changed.

Now, I am free of any view of myself that doesn’t include all of me.  Being me gives me such joy and pleasure. Being authentic at its core is being entirely “you” in all of its messiness, brightness, dullness, and uniqueness. It’s being perfectly imperfect (just the way you are). Authenticity doesn’t allow your character to compromise its integrity or your being to backslide or adjust your beliefs.

Accepting yourself and embracing yourself is the beauty of being authentic. Authenticity grows and matures out of gratefulness for who you are and you’re not being afraid of who sees it—you own it.  As truth seekers, we want what’s real. What’s real is genuine; it has impact, meaning, presence, and most importantly purpose. We each have a purpose and being authentic leads us to that purpose.

Those who love us in their presence love us just the way we are, and they seek us because we are the way we are. So, even when you are alone with yourself “be you love” no one else can. 

May you find complete healing on your path!

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