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Why Detox?

Why Detox?

So many things come to mind when you hear the word detox. To me, detoxing is a very personal and intimate act because it's a purposeful and consciously chosen path. Who doesn't want to rid themselves of impurities that decay the being and prevent growth?   

Detoxing cleanses the mind and body of poisons. It's a means to purifying the heart from harmful diseases which symptoms manifest in many, many ways. Some distract us away from the path to our Creator and others guide us to the path.

Cleansing is vital to achieving and preserving the quality of our being. What we feed our mind and body leaves an imprint on our hearts, and purity of the heart is ideal. 

Detoxing supports healing, connection to the originator of breath, and clarity. It removes stagnation and impurities from our organs, blood and thoughts. Restoring health and freeing the body and mind from dis-ease helps to realign the be-ing back to its natural state. For in that state, we experience peace. We are a creation of love.

Embarking on a detox journey restores balance and harmony to your being. Establishing a lifestyle that minimizes the exposure of toxins to your mind, body and soul supports optimum growth. Prevention is always better than correction.

We wish you a complete healing.


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