"We Made From Water Every Living Thing" - ALittlePeace

"We Made From Water Every Living Thing"

Before we were brought into existence and given life, God created every type of sustenance we needed. 

"We made from water every living thing"- 21:30

Nature is a gift to mankind, and it provides us the opportunity to learn, grow, thrive, heal, renew, regenerate, restore, replenish, repair; and to practice gratitude. Nature needs no modification or adjustment. It just needs understanding, respect, love and appreciation of how seamlessly elements work together synergizing for our betterment; preserving our being as created.

Staying natural and strengthening our connection to nature means honoring Ya Wali (Allah, The Protector & Friend), being true and authentic, staying grounded, and trusting in the Creator to sustain what He created.

We pray for you a complete healing.



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