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Eczema Shampoo w/Tea Tree & Neem 8oz

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Effective against itchy, scaly, flaky, dry, and inflamed scalp. Immediately soothes and grants relief. Rebuilds confidence. Condition with our Eczema Scalp Treatment or Eczema Scalp Oil for added defense and maintenance. No Steroids.

This is not your typical shampoo. Our Eczema Shampoo is packed with real Wildflower honey which contains protein and locks in moisture. Raw unrefined Shea and Extra Virgin Olive oil restore ample nutrients needed to bring life back to an unhealthy scalp and damaged hair.

Neem and Tea Tree essential oils are powerhouses at boosting healing and protecting the skin from harmful impurities.

How it Heals

  • Reduces Flair-Ups & Itching 
  • Fights Flaking & Scales
  • Soothes, Softens, Moisturizes
  • Deep-Cleansing & Refreshing 
  • Promotes Growth, Strengthens


Raw Shea Butter, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Wildflower Honey, Castile Soap, Tee Tree and Neem therapeutic grade essential oils. Nothing else. 100% All Natural-Handcrafted. Natural ingredients may vary in color and consistency. 

How to Use

Shake bottle before use. Apply to wet hair and let condition for 3-5 minutes. Wash hair and rinse thoroughly. Repeat.


  • Shea butter has powerful calming and moisturizing properties. 
  • Olive oil hydrates, regenerates, and maintains skin’s elasticity and softness.
  • Honey strengthens hair follicles, minimize impurities and stimulate regrowth. 
  • Castile soap is a non-toxic, biodegradable soap made from olive oil and other vegan oils. It gently cleanses and is safe for sensitive skin.
  • Neem essential oil increases hair growth, has regenerative properties, and protects the skin from damage. 
  • Tea Tree essential oil boosts wound healing and provide soothing relief for irritated skin.


Essential oils can cause irritation or sensitization. Spot test 24 hours prior to application. Do not use if you notice an adverse reaction. If irritation occurs, discontinue use. 


Individual results from all products mentioned on this site may vary. The content on this site does not supplant medical advice and is meant for informational purposes only. 

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration and are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Always consult your Physician. If you are pregnant or take medications consult a medical professional before use. Do not use if you notice an adverse reaction. 

Eczema Shampoo w/Tea Tree & Neem 8oz
Eczema Shampoo w/Tea Tree & Neem 8oz


  • Exceptional Quality

    We put our heart & soul into forging conscientious therapeutics with your healing in mind.

  • 100% All-Natural

    We believe in sourcing pure high-grade natural and organic botanicals.

  • Customer Care

    We consistently strive for customer satisfaction and fostering honest connections.

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Soothing steroid-free intensive therapy for itchy-irritated, rash-like skin.

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Revitalize your scalp and hair with our deep-penetrating, follicle-strengthening essentials.

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Emollient-rich plant butters an oils high in antioxident fighting free redicals. Deeply moisturizes and heals the skin. Relaxes the mind, body and soul.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Helped a lot!!

Got it for my boyfriend helped a lot!!

My scalp feel amazing on the first use

The formula is a little stripping to the actual hair strands, but I just used a lot of conditioner and leave in conditioner. My scalp feel amazing on the first use. No itching, no product buildup, not dandruff, nothing. I have struggled with eczema on my scalp since I was little and this gave instant relief and was great addition to my natural hair regimen!


Just WOWWWW! Finally I found a shampoo that’s natural no terrible chemicals most shampoo on the market has and actually works against my terrible eczema scalp definitely will be my new go to shampoo for good. Thanks a lots! Words can’t explain

exactly what I needed

exactly what I needed

Heather Silbernagel

This stuff is amazing! My son has really flaky scalp and we’ve tried everything. Nothing seems to help. So I decided to take a chance on eczema shampoo and glad we did. After a few times of using it, we’ve notice a big difference. Only thing not overly fond of is it doesn’t make your hair kinda greasy feeling. But we will take that right now to heal his scalp.