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Meet the Founder

Niki Love is warm, compassionate, and down to earth. She believes everyone is special and healing is a personal journey. Tea makes her happy and helping others make her feel like she is doing her part.

Niki grew up in Washington, DC but craves for the solitude of rural living. Nature strengthens her being and fuels her desire to help people heal. Growing up she didn’t realize the power of nature and how she would become so intimate with it, let alone that it would impact the direction of her life.

Almost all of the natural remedies Niki created was to heal her body and to support mental health. She suffered from scalp eczema, manages knee pain and has an herbal regimen to maintain physical and emotional health. When hearing of her family and friends health struggles she quickly shared with them her remedies. 

Helping others heal is apart of her and without it she would not be authentic. Niki, like many, is on a journey of healing and is constantly learning from her experiences. She is grounded, taught, and guided by her faith. 


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