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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Question: Can I use the Hair Care products for hair growth?

Answer: Yes. The SheaOlive Hair Butter or the Eczema Scalp Treatment alone or in combination with the Organic Raw Jamaican Black Castor oil works best.


Question: I am looking for something to help with anxiety. I wonder if this would be a good product to use if it works on your body thanks?

Answer: Yes, Anti-Anxiety & Stress Hemp Body Butter is excellent for anxiety. It is a butter so it works by absorbing into your pores. It relaxes your mind, your soul and your body. It quiets your thoughts and reduces jitters/nervous energy to a state of calm. There is also the benefit of moisturizing your body and massaging it.


Question: I am currently experiencing an itchy scalp that developed from an allergy to a product. I've tried prescription steroid ointment and medicated antifungal shampoo. I am looking for a natural anti-inflammatory topical. The dermatologist suggests that it is scalp eczema since its on my body. Would you recommend the Eczema Scalp Treatment for my issue?

Answer: Yes. Eczema Scalp Treatment would be helpful for your condition. However, I suggest you make sure you use it alone without any other product. If you do not purchase the Eczema Shampoo, I suggest you wash the area/hair with a mild soap. Use a small amount and leave it on for 24 hrs to make sure you are not also sensitive to this product.


Question: I am interested in buying your Eczema Scalp Treatment and was wondering if you ship the product in plastic-free packaging. I also wanted to check if that jar is plastic or glass. Thank you.

Answer: Our jars are BPA free plastic. Unfortunately, at this time we do not offer any other container options. However, the bottles are recyclable. They are easy to clean and reuse. Single items are shipped in poly mailers, but multiple items are shipped in cardboard boxes.


Question: Can you tell me how to use the Eczema Scalp Treatment? Before washing hair or after washing hair? And to leave it on my hair for how many minutes?

Answer: Eczema Scalp Treatment is a hair conditioner and moisturizer. Use on your scalp and hair. Depending on your hair texture determines the amount of butter to apply. If your hair is fine use a very small amount. Be sure to massage into scalp. It does not need to be washed out. The instructions can also be found on the product page.


Question: The Eczema Butter is that for hair or body?

Answer: The Eczema Butter is for the whole body including the hair. The Eczema Scalp Treatment is for the hair.


Question: I am looking for a product for myself and son in-law. We both work the oil and gas refineries here in TX. And they have a strict policy on THC. I was wondering if Achy Muscles & Tension Hemp Body Butter is THC free or at least low enough to not show in a random test if tested?

Answer: Hemp seed oil amounts are extremely low and do not show up in any test or urine. We have been asked this question before and those who purchased it are repeat customers.


Question: My hair is fine with some natural curl & natural wave. Will this Moisture Retention Shampoo make my hair heavy (with oil)? (I like my hair fluffy)?

Answer: With your hair texture I would suggest using a small amount to not whey down your hair. It is not oily, but it can be heavy on fine hair if too much is used.


Question: Is there any way that I can get a larger size of this? My eczema is pretty bad, and doctors keep prescribing me steroid ointments, which I’m trying to completely avoid.

Answer: We don't currently offer a larger size. However, if you purchase the Eczema Scalp Oil with the Eczema Shampoo it will help to combat the eczema. Just using the shampoo is just one area of defense. I also have scalp eczema.


Question: I was wondering what type of castile soap you use? Is it olive oil? Is there any coconut oil in it? My friend is interested in the Moisture Retention Shampoo, but she has a coconut allergy.

Answer: Yes. The castile soap has Olive oil and Coconut oil in it. But the shampoo also has Shea, Olive oil and Wildflower honey in the mixture. I would caution not to use it to be on the safe side.


Question: Is the Jamaican Black Castor oil with Thyme a dark color?

Answer: Yes. Our Organic Raw Jamaican Black Castor oil is very dark almost black. Its 100% natural, organic, raw and unfiltered.


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